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Digital Home Security Solution

Home automation for better energy management

A quality home automation system facilitates the management of energy consumption. In the Digital Home Security Solution components like thermostats and automated lighting, along with smart schedules and integrated energy usage monitoring, form the basis for a solid energy management plan for your home. Mobile control through your smartphone provides power management even when you are away from home.

Automated system components

Heating and cooling systems consume a lot of energy, but automatic thermostats allow you to control the temperature of your home and your energy consumption. Take control of your energy management by programming your heating and air conditioning to warm and cool when you need it most. Keep the temperature moderate when there is no one at home, and have it warm or cool in time for your arrival.

   Automatic lights turn on and off exactly when you want them, such as before entering a room and after leaving. Connect your lights and doors, to have automatic lighting when you need it.

   Thermostats and automated lights lead to better energy management without losing the quality of life.

Control of the system through mobile applications

Control your power management components even when you’re away from home with smart schedules. The mobile stand allows you to adjust your thermostat or lights from your smartphone or tablet. Stop wasting energy by forgetting to turn down the thermostat or turn off the lights when you leave your house. Use your Internet-enabled device for power management, no matter where you are. Then, turn on the heat again and turn on the entry light before you get home.

Help optimize savings according to their usage patterns

The management of energy through smart schedules includes monitoring the use of energy. See exactly how much energy each of its integrated components uses and when they are used most. Connect your power management components to your ADT security system to manage everything in one application. Learn how your family’s activity pattern relates to the use of energy. Improve your energy management by efficiently programming your thermostat based on real usage patterns.

Local climate integration

Set your thermostat to adjust a few degrees each time extreme temperatures affect the location of your home. Raising or lowering your thermostat by only a few degrees in extreme weather conditions increased the effectiveness of your energy management plan and helps you save money. Your smart schedules use your local weather forecast to decide when adjustments are necessary and take care of changes without further input from you.

Energy management and home security are complemented by thermostats and integrated lighting. Access your system away from home with mobile support and track its use with the built-in automated programming software. Keep your home comfortable while helping you save money on your energy bills with a modern home automation system. 

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