Can Perching Fake Security Sign Prevent Break-ins

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In recent times you may have seen security signs perched on the lawn of your neighbourhood. Now it may not be a thing to wonder about until the trend of warning started to backfire on the homeowner. Interestingly the scenario wouldn’t have been like this if the homeowner installs a digital home security system and then perched a sign on the lawn but most of them prefer to shortcut the idea to only preaching a sign which makes most of the home vulnerable to the risk of break-ins. But despite the fact as perching security signs has become a new trend of security so we will discuss below the benefits and risks of using fake home security signs.               

The Advantages and Disadvantages of Using Fake Home Security Signs 

While it may not be the most effective way to protect your property, posting a security sign in the yard is better than not taking security measures. Even fake safety signs can offer the following benefits.

  • Faking a Security Sign is cheaper than installing a real security system

    Let’s be realistic. Most people who choose to launch a fake ADT sign or Vivint’s yard sign do so because it is less expensive than buying a real security system. Signs and stickers for popular security brands will cost you around $ 15– $ 20 and can be easily purchased online.

  • False signs are less annoying

    Sticking a sign in the window or on the door for potential thieves to read is probably the security measure that requires less labour. We will not judge you for being lazy, but present this under “you get what you put”.

  • False security signage could be enough

    It could be the keyword here. False safety signs are a popular deterrent method and, for that reason, they are not always effective. But as we said before, it is better than doing nothing. Pretend until you do.

False security signs that are not compatible with alarms or cameras also have significant risks. If you are going to show safety yard signs for monitored security that you do not have, be sure to take note of some of the issues listed below.

  • Counterfeits are easy to detect

    If someone is causing your property, all you need to do is a quick Google search to see if the security company you advertise is legitimate. And even if you opt for security signage that seems legitimate, you could still get caught pretending. Even a glance in a window or around a door to look for an alarm keypad or a mounted camera will give thieves quickly an idea of ​​whether their warning signs may be more intense than biting.

  • It may be violating copyright

    If you use a real monitored security company for your false yard signage, you may be violating laws on the use of copyrighted material without permission. And yes, that can be a crime that will lead to legal problems, so check the laws in your state before proudly assembling that ADT safety sign.

Using false home safety signs is risky. FBI crime statistics indicate that a robbery occurs every 23 seconds in the United States, averaging approximately 3,757 robberies per 2 days. Beyond the emotional cost of being a victim of a crime, robberies also have a high financial cost. In 2017, estimates indicated that homeowners lost about $ 2,416 for theft, almost double the price of an average digital home security system starter kit. These are many potential risks to expose your home and family when DIY home security systems or some cameras are relatively cheap.

Alternatives to Fake Signs

There are some low-cost alternatives that you can explore instead of announcing a security system that you don’t have. And they all come with the advantage of a better deterrent against theft, even if you’re not ready to opt for professional monitoring.

You don’t have to run out of anything to buy an entire home security system to start with rather you can install some essential home security components like a security camera, motion sensor and smart door lock to have a primary experience of its effectiveness. Besides, we also discuss some of the alternative steps that you should take to make your home safer.       

  • Get a dog

Using a dog as a deterrent to intruders seems to be the oldest trick in the book, but it is effective. A 2016 survey of 86 thieves found that dogs, specifically large breeds, were cited as the most effective safety measure.

  • Prune the shrubs and bushes around your home

Having an ingeniously arranged landscaping can improve the attractiveness and privacy of your home, but many bushes that hide the entrance door and the walkway also give intruders a place to hide. Prune those plants and make sure the main entrance is visible and well lit. A front entrance visible from the street earns bonus points because it can also prevent packet theft.

  • Secure the Entry Points with Motion Sensor and Reflector

Intruders appreciate operating under cover of darkness, so don’t let them have the advantage in your territory. Reflectors that detect movement are relatively inexpensive and can be mounted at the entry points around your property to shed light on any suspicious activity in your yard. Smart lights with today’s motion sensor also have some ingenious features such as solar efficiency and adjustable lighting modes.

  • Install a Door Lock

Often, thieves will first test a front or rear door to see if they can access quickly instead of having to climb or rise through a window. Replacing old door locks with a smart lock provides a better deterrent for thieves and allows you to lock and unlock your door from a distance. Some smart locks even have built-in alarms and are compatible with popular smart home centres. The days of hiding that spare key under a false rock when you go on vacation have been left behind.

  • Light your Home With Smart Lights 

Current home automation has come a long way and is much more sophisticated than automatic light timers. With an application, you can control the lights remotely or choose a random mode that can vary the lighting in different rooms and at different times. Even if you can’t light your house while you’re away, simple things like parking a car at the entrance can confuse anyone who is looking for signs that you are at home.

What’s the Most Effective way to Safeguard your Home?

After exploring so many options you might have known that what may suit you best is the idea of having a digital home security system. From many facts and cases, it is known that the most effective way to deter crime and avoid potential break-ins is to install a digital home security system. Investing in installing a digital home security system is not only beneficial in safeguarding your property but also of its cost as mentioned earlier that if you are a beginner than its better to invest in DIY home security components. Moreover, you can also avail the option of discount and insurance premium. Besides, having a fully-equipped security system can help you take action against potential threat thus help you to live a safer life. 

On the other hand, fake signs may be cheap but that won’t solve the problem of real security threat. Therefore consider instaling the best home security system or at least take some commonsense security measures so that you can have the option of defending yourself from the potential threat.  

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