Brink an Affordable Digital Home Security System

Review of Brink Home Security Systems

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Review of Brink Home Security System

Review of Brink Digital Home Security System

Brink a new entrant into the home security segment got its recognition in early 2018 when two alarm companies – Livewatch and Moni – started licensing the Brink Brand. In the digital home security system, Brink is best known for its discounted product and well-established network of monitoring centres. And also has more than 1 million customers. The combined forces of Livewatch and Moni help Brink home security to established its network of robust monitoring service and state of the art technology among a large mass of people.

    However, despite having a large scale and dealership model, Brink follows an old school model of three years contract. The three years contract will cost you $199 for the basic kit with $29/month for home security and automation. For adding video features $39 a month is chargeable.

    ASAPer a unique feature of Brink Home Security provides live messaging to a group of contacts when an alarm is triggered. This process is more effective than a call centre calling each person in sequence.


  • DIY or professional installation is available with Brink home security.
  • Brink offers a large option of high-quality sensors with integrated home automation features.
  • It has established monitoring centres that serve more than one million customers.


  • It has a three years restrictive service contract.
  • Home consultation is not available with Brink but you will get the service through an authorized dealer.
  • The price of the Brink home security differs depending upon whether you are purchasing it directly from them or from an authorized dealer. The price is a bit higher in case you purchase it from an authorized dealer.

Best Price:

Brink digital home security system basic alarm kit will cost you $199 which includes three door window sensors, one control panel, and one motion detector with $29/month for home security and automation. For accessing and enabling the video plan option you have to pay $39/month. Brink adds an indoor camera to its starter kit while keeping the price at $199 although it had mentioned that it’s authorized dealer might charge different prices for other packages.

Monthly Fees:

Brink comes with two types of a monthly plan. The basic package will cost you $29/month for home security and home automation. The complete plan offers a video recording option for $39/month. It gives you the ability to record and store up to 1000 video clips a month. Moreover, it gives a cloud storage facility for storing short video clips.


Both DIY and professional installation are available with Brink home security. So you have the choice of installing Brink’s DIY home security system by yourself. Brink’s professional installation is available in many locations but it is best to check the availability for your location. However, Brink does not specifically mention its charges for professional installation.

Subscription Plan:

The lock-in subscription plan of Brink is for three years. The terms and condition of Brink clearly state that upon early termination by a customer, Brink may charge 80% of the monthly service charges due for the balance of the customer’s initial term. The return policy of the Brink home security gives you the option of cancelling your service within the first 30 days with no termination fee. But after that, the terms of your agreement will be in effect and you will be responsible for any remaining balance.

Equipment Warranty:

You will get a two-year warranty on all the home security and home automation devices from the Brink home security system.

Return Policy:

30 days.

Home Automation:

Brink sells its home automation devices via the third party. It has a selected range of model within the home automation segment such as thermostat and door locks. The system uses the feature of app to integrate additional home automation devices. It also supports the Z-wave protocol, which is a home-based network used to connect multiple security and home automation devices. Therefore it is effective and compatible with many home automation devices and can be integrated and managed by a control panel of the Brink digital home security system. Before establishing contact with Brinks specify the devices that you want to include in your systems such as thermostats and light dimmers. Some of the limitations of the home automation system of Brink is that it is more difficult to figure out which devices are well-integrated with the base brink security package.

Is Brink the right digital home security solution?

Brink home security has been ranked number one in November 2018 by J.D. Power for customer satisfaction. Brink distributed its home security product via while the monitoring service is sourced directly by Brink. The home automation devices are offered by to the independent professional installers. Brink home security also provides monitoring services to customers buying Nest Secure product. The only thing is that if you directly buy home security product from brink you are locked into a three-year contract. But if you purchase the digital home security system product from Nest Secure, monitoring is available from Brink on the basis of month by month service.


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