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Check out some of the best Smoke Detectors and Alarm’s of 2019 for Digital Home Security Solution and Automation.

The smoke detectors and alarms play a vital role in the digital home security solution and automation so when choosing the best solution to make your current home safer; here is a highlight of some of the best smoke detectors and alarms that will help you to shape up your decision more conveniently.

  1. Nest Protect – Nest Protect offers the best smart smoke detector and alarm. Nest Protect smart smoke detector is good for monitoring home security system. Though the price range of this product is very high compared to the other brand but it gives a top notch smart home integration facility. It’s powered by wired or AA batteries. It has a Photoelectric sensor with split spectrum. Nest Protect also has a smart home integration technology. The other key features of the Nest Protect include wired and battery powered options, alarm control and mobile alerts, carbon monoxide and smoke detection, seamless connection with other Nest home automation product, motion sensor lighting, voice alarm, and 85db sensor. For availing Nest Protect smart smoke detector and alarm at a smart price check on for best offers.
  2. First Alert SA3210 Dual Sensor Smoke and Fire Alarm – The best part about it is that it is a dual sensor smoke and fire alarm. The dual sensor of First Alert SA3210 detect both slow burning fire that produces lot of smoke and fast moving fire without creating much smoke. This feature makes it a pioneering device in detecting multiple types of fire smoke. The First Alert has a photoelectric and ionization sensor. It also comes with a battery life of 10 years so you don’t have to worry of changing the battery after every few month. It is very easy to install. An 85 dB siren is very much effective in alerting everyone of the possible danger and the siren can be hard from a distance. Moreover it comes with a 10 years limited warranty.
  3. Vivint Smoke Detector – Vivint Smoke Detector is best for its integration technology as it is connected well with other security devices and its setup is designed in such a way that you will never miss an alarm whether you are in a conference or in a trekking because it will send for emergency even if you didn’t see the notification. Some of the key features of Vivint Smoke Detector are mobile notification, 85d siren, wireless and battery power, integration with other security equipment, professional monitoring, smoke and increased heat detection. It’s run by AAA batteries and is quite costly. Moreover it has a photoelectric sensor. To avail this product at a best price check
  4. Kidde Battery Operated Smoke Alarm P9050 – If you are looking for a smoke alarm within a limited budget then opt for Kidde Battery Operated Smoke Alarm which is budget friendly. When you need to install more than one or two smoke alarm the overall cost of installation gets higher so Kidde offers smoke detectors and alarm at a pocket friendly price. Within the basic segment it offers you the best product when price is an issue. Kidde manufacture quality product which is reliable and in this segment it also has a strong reputation. Some of the key feature of the Kidde P9050 are it is available at an affordable price, easy installation, 10-year limited warranty, 9v battery and photoelectric sensor.

Among the entire product discussed above Vivint Smoke Detector is considered the best because it not only covers all the major aspect but also has a good integration which makes it much more convenient. In an emergency situation the potential of the product is judged by the level of integration it has with the other security device. Features like professional monitored aspects gives the user a feeling of safety cause even if he/she fail to receive the notification there will be someone watching over your home and send help as an when required. To keep yourself safe from this possible incident go through this product to see which one fits your lifestyle and can act as a guardian to keep you safe.


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