Best Self-Install Door/Window Sensors in The Digital Home Security System

Top 5 Self-Install Door/Window Sensors

Digital Home Security System
Top five self install door/window sensors

Top 5 Self-Install Door/Window Sensors in The Digital Home Security System  

Now with the self-install door/window sensors don’t let budget get in the way of added digital home security system. Instead, take a look at the top window and door sensors available for purchase without the added cost of a monitoring bill.


SABRE Elite door/window sensor

SABRE is mainly popular for producing high-quality safety products like pepper spray. It has made a significant entry in the home security segment with its high graded self-install door/window sensors. Sabre Elite door and window sensors are preferred best because they’re easy to install. It is also available at the most affordable prices. 

Main Differentiator: Sabre comes with a four-digit code. It prevents intruders from disabling your door and window sensors or turning them off.


  • Three Different Modes:  The SABRE Elite door and window sensor offer three different modes i.e. chime, silent or alarm depending on the time of day and your needs.
  • Loud Alarm: The SABRE Elite emits a 120-decibel ear piercing siren when triggered and is audible up to 750 feet away.
  • Positive Feedback: Most of the customers who have purchased this product from different online websites has given positive feedback. The top priority being the performance of the product.


  • Lacks Subtly: The design of the SABRE Elite sensors makes it easier to figure out for anyone of its installation. However, you can hide it behind a curtain if you are worried about it.

iSmartAlarm Widow/Door Sensor

In the digital home security system, iSmartAlarm has a wide range of smart home products. The products are designed to enhance your home security and introduce home automation into your life. The self-install door/window sensors of iSmart are of high calibre. It differentiates itself from the pack in the way its function. The model utilizes a magnetic bond and wireless communication to integrate with your smart device. Instead of responding to vibration like most door and window sensors, so the chances of triggering false alarms are less.

Main Differentiator: The iSmartAlarm door/window sensors have the capability of communicating with your smart device of up to 320 feet away. It even sends a text when it detects unauthorized entry.


  • Pack of Two: The iSmartAlarm sensors come in two the pack set which adds more security for your home.
  • Easy to Install: The iSmartAlarm is very easy to install. You can place it anywhere on doors, windows, sliding doors and other entryways. The device is removable which gives you the option of moving it from place to place as needed.   
  • Compatibility: With the iSmartAlarm sensors you can tilt the indoor security camera or you can pan the image by focusing the indoor camera through the alarm sensor. More than that you don’t require any contract or monthly monitoring which is big positive for opting iSmartAlarm sensor.


  • Not Tamper-proof: The sensors of iSmatAlarm use tape to adhere to doors and windows. It doesn’t feature a keypad, so they may be removed and tampered with. However, this problem can be fixed by using stronger glue or tape.


Samsung SmartThings Multi-Purpose Sensor

Samsung a major technological giant known mostly for manufacturing of Smartphone has stepped into the home security segment under the brand name of The SmartThings. It has designed one of the coolest and tiniest gadgets for you that easily detects motion around doors, windows and cabinets. The alarm alerts you instantly if it detects any suspicious activity.

Main Differentiator: The SmartThings Sensor effectively detects temperature, so you’ll know if there is a fire on your home or if a window has been left open.


  • Compatibility: The alarm sensor of the SmartThings worked effectively with the Samsung Hub and all other accessories that come with it. It offers you the opportunity to add more security features to your home.
  • Smart Devices: Samsung designed a SmartThings app for its alarm sensor. It instantly sends a notification to you when it detects a break-in or if you forgets to close a door or window.


  • Requires Hub: If you want to get the optimum utility you need to use the alarm sensor with the SmartThings hub. And it doesn’t come with monthly monitoring fees.
  • Short Range: The coverage of these devices is within 30 – 50 feet. So choose your most vulnerable door and window and position your hub closeby.


Elgato Eve Door/Window Sensor

Elgato is mostly a gaming company that produces smart lighting, and security devices for the modern home. The remarkable aspect of Elagato that took our attention to its home security products is Eve door and window sensor. You can use it with Apple Homekit and also has the ability to connects many different devices and brands for you to monitor and control in one convenient home automation app.

Main Differentiator: Elgato comes with a Siri voice command through which you can access your Eve door and window sensor.


  • Sleek: The door and window sensor from Elgato is very sleek and designed in a discrete manner. This won’t make it stand out to you or potential intruders.
  • Wireless: The wireless system enables you to install this anywhere and it’s very easy to sync this device to your home’s Wi-Fi.
  • Security History: With Elgato Eve door and window sensor you can easily track your home security trends. This will help you to optimize safety. Moreover, by using the app you can review the home security statistics about your home’s door and window activity. 
  • Long Battery Life: The Eve door and window sensor are powered with a 3.6v lithium-thionyl replaceable battery for a longer timespan. So you won’t run out of battery.    


  • Apple-Only devices: The utility of your Eve door and window sensor is limited within the accessibility of iPad and iPhone. For anything older than iOS 8.3 and you have to upgrade to Apple to use this brand.

Panasonic Wireless Door/Window Centre

Panasonic is known for a variety of high-tech electronics from cameras to appliances. In the digital home security system, Panasonic wireless door and window sensor stood out because of its real-time communication and compatibility with other products.

Main Differentiator: Compared to the alarm notification alert that is sent by most door and window sensor, Panasonic takes a step further by allowing you to arm and disarm the sensors from your smart device.


  • Discrete Design:  The door and window sensor of Panasonic is very sleek and longer than other brands. This allows you to blend it with your window trims and door jambs.
  • Compatibility: You can easily sync a number of home security and home automation app using Panasonic home automation app. It effectively works with your door/window sensors, smart outlets, cameras and more.


  • Requires Hub: This door and window sensors from Panasonic work best if you used it with the KX-HNB600W hub from Panasonic. But its integration with so many devices makes it worth the cost.


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