Best Digital Home Security Solution App of 2019

digital home security solution

The home security apps are designed to make your lifestyle more convenient with easy accessibility and one-touch digital home security solution. Here we designed a guide of the best digital home security solution app of 2019.

Vivint Smart Home App 

You will need to have a customer account with Vivint to use your application, but once you do, prepare for a large number of home automation features. Adjust the lights to come on when you enter the driveway, turn down the heat while you are in the office during the day or open the front door for your children if they forget a key.

Our favourite feature is the integrated artificial intelligence assistant (Sky) that learns your routines and habits to help you manage your smart home directly from your smartphone.

Sky uses the geolocation and sensors of your home to find out if your home is empty or full of a group of teenagers. Automatically adjust climate control to ensure that heat does not fire when you go out during the day (or when a group of children raise the indoor temperature). Vivint Sky helps you save energy and keep you comfortable.

Besides, you can set up rules to close the house automatically at 10:00 p.m. every night and receive an alert if a door or window opens after that time. If you have cunning children looking to exercise some independence, this feature could be a lifesaver.


  • It comes with all the plans
  • Perfect and intelligent integration in the home.
  • Built-in artificial intelligence assistant to learn routines.
  • Provides 30 days of video storage with video playback update


  • Available only with the Vivint residential security system.
  • Requires update for continuous video storage
What can you do with the Vivint Smart Home app?
  • Activity feed

See what’s happening with the detailed reports of all the day-to-day activities in your home.

  • Family plan

Create and manage customer accounts for each household member.

  • Smart clips

Save the 20-second video clips from the security camera for later review, whether someone is suspicious at the door or if your dog is doing something adorable.

  • Vivint reproduction

Add this feature to your application to store up to 30 days of continuous video.

  • Custom actions

Establish rules and routines to make life easier. Turn the lights on or off automatically at the same time every day or close the doors after everyone has wrapped the night.

  • Sky AI Assistant

Benefit from Vivint’s learning technology that adapts to your family’s routines to help make your home efficient and comfortable.


ADT Pulse App: Best for Voice Control 

The ADT Pulse application works with the home security and monitoring systems ADT Pulse. It has a full line of home automation controls so you can leave children remotely after school or make sure you have not left the coffeemaker on.

The voice control options that come with the ADT Pulse application is good. It works with Amazon Alexa and Siri, so you can control your alarm system and tell your smart thermostat what to do. Best of all, you can use voice control to arm and disarm your system, an option that is not always available from a security system application.

Unfortunately, the ADT Pulse application is not available with all ADT home security systems. You can get the ADT application Pulse only with some of the most expensive ADT packages. But it gets high ratings from customers both in the App Store and on Google Play, so the high price seems worthwhile for most users.


  • Voice control with Alexa and Siri.
  • Easy to use interface
  • Live Video Monitoring


  • Connection issues
  • Required upgrade to an expensive system
What can you do with the ADT Pulse application?
  • Voice control

Use Siri or Amazon Alexa to arm and disarm your system, dim lights or increase heat.

  • Alerts

Receive text or email alerts when a window or door opens, or when the status of your system changes (for example, from armed to disarmed).

  • Video monitoring

View live images on your doorstep or save video clips for later review.

  • Smart house control

Turn the lights on and off, change the thermostat or see if you left a small appliance on in the race to the door.

  • Custom automation

Set schedules for everyday life or schedule a vacation mode to keep thieves fooled when playing on the beach.


Frontpoint Mobile App: Best User Interface

Frontpoint is the only security company on our list that uses technology for its mobile application. But Frontpoint has invested a lot of time in customizing the application to better serve its customers. A great example of this is the company’s DIY installation guide. Frontpoint was one of the first domestic security companies to automate the installation through a mobile application.

Recently, the Frontpoint application was renewed, and users are enthusiastic about the simple and intuitive interface. The navigation menu is easy to follow and the company has given more power to the individual user.

I used to call customer service to change user settings, update login information and make other standard changes. With the latest update of the application, those calls are no longer necessary, which is great news if you hate having to make phone calls (like me).


  • Easy navigation and configuration
  • Live video
  • Account management controlled by the user


  • Requires updated monitoring plan
  • Delays after motion detection.
What can you do with the Frontpiont mobile application?
  • System configuration

Follow the instructions for quick and easy configuration of your Frontpoint security system.

  • Notifications

Receive alerts in real-time through text messages, email or push notifications.

  • Video

Register at home, children or pets with live videos or recorded clips.

  • Smart house control

Turn up the heat, dim the lights or open the front door of your office or a ski slope.

  • Accounts administration

Edit users, link multiple systems to single sign-on and increase application security with additional features such as two-factor authentication. It is no longer necessary to call customer service for these cleaning problems.


SimpliSafe Home Security App: Best For Sharing Video 

SimpliSafe has taken the world of home security by storm, and its patented mobile application is one of the reasons. Like any other part of a SimpliSafe security system, the application is easy to navigate and intuitive for the user.

But that does not mean that SimpliSafe skips all the bells and whistles. The latest update of the application allows you to share the video of your SimpliCam or Video Doorbell Pro on social networks. We like this function because we detect more pranks from our children and pets than from possible intruders. Also, all the best videos happen when children or puppies think we are not watching.

There are some peculiarities in the latest update that are frustrating: users complain about Push notifications that will not turn off and restrictions that allow only one user to receive alerts.

However, it is frustrating that you cannot use the SimpliSafe application unless you opt for the company’s most expensive monitoring plan. This is an industry trend, but it feels extra-stingy about a security brand that emphasizes its wireless dexterity and budget-friendly prices.


  • Intuitive design
  • Video sharing options
  • Fire, CO and flood alerts.


  • The expensive update is required
  • Notification failures with the latest update.
What can you do with the Frontpiont mobile application?
  • Alerts

In addition to the usual notifications, you receive updates on fires, smoke, carbon monoxide and water leaks.

  • Event registration

Look who goes and comes from your house. This is an excellent way to control dog walkers and other household helpers.

  • Smart house control

Add third-party smart home devices like Amazon Alexa, August door locks, Google Home and the Nest thermostat.

  • Video

Watch live or recorded videos, and share clips with friends and family on social networks.



When it comes to applications that give you remote control of your residential security system, it is important to determine your needs.

  • Homes with children: if you have children who walk home from school, you will probably want a video camera with doorbell with live streaming and two-way communication that allows you to register so you know you are safe at home.
  • Families having pets: if you want to control your pets, the projection of live security cameras is something that will help you monitor them.
  • For fans of smart homes: if you want to be able to control your lights and your thermostat while you’re away, look for a plan and technology with home automation capabilities. 


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