Be your own Professional with the best Self Monitored Digital Home Security Solution of 2019

digital home security system

There are lots of global player in the market who have pioneered themselves in the self monitored digital home security system segment. We will discuss about the top five brands of 2019 that helps to make the self monitored home security segment more innovative, flexible and convenient.

  1. Simplisafe – In the digital home security Solution Simplisafe is perhaps one of the recognized brands for the Self Monitored Home Security Segment. The company designs and manufactures its own security devices that are in itself very durable, versatile and provide high end security to the customer. Some of the highlighting aspect for which it is best in the self monitoring home security segment is its easy DIY installation, no monthly cost and long term contracts, mobile alerts, ideal for beginners, motion detectors and long term equipment trial available.

The security device is highly compatible with wireless technology and provides secure service to the customer. The self monitored system is ideal for the starter as the basic package includes carbon monoxide and fire and flood solution apart from the basic amenities. Additional feature includes alerts and notification on whenever there is any type of activity in the designated area.

Simplisafe is very convenient for installation as there is no hard-wiring involved and they also offer a 60 days money back guarantee. Side by side there is also some limitation of Simplisafe in the self monitored home security system which limited home automation feature, fewer upgrades and less customization option. Overall it is a good option for its high end performance.

  1. Canary – Canary is preferred most in the self monitored digital home security system for its low cost and overall versatile offering. The system is well designed with a full functional video camera which also features a high resolution that gives you a vivid detail of the recording. Some of the benefit that you will get with the overall installation of the system is remote control access through a mobile app, home automation upgrades features, environmental protection, and intrusion protection, one touch access to first res ponder, easy installation and no monthly costs and no contracts to worry about. Canary is a solid option in the self monitored digital home security segment as it provide all in one solution.

The company offers two version of the product one is self monitored and the other is monitored by professional. For those who wants to upgrade their security devices from self monitored to monitored version has to pay a subscription fee of $10/mo for which the additional features can be accessible. Other than the upfront cost the user does not have to pay any installation charges and the installation of the security device is very easy and flexible.

The main drawbacks is that the video recordings are only held for one day in the system so you need to review it as soon as possible or there is a risk of losing access to it. Other than this you need to pay the subscription fee to unlock some additional feature. With a quality camera and easy customization option it’s touted as the option security professional.

3. Irish – Irish is best for providing durable security device with in the basic range and offers a variety of option that helps the user in flexible customization. No professional installation charge is required for the set up of the Irish self monitored home security devices. The benefits of installing Irish home security solution are it provides wireless and cellular connectivity, intrusion protection, no contact and no monthly fee, medical response with monitoring. DIY installation, home automation and durable equipment. In the basic leve Irish is great for its customization feature as a wide range of device can be interconnected and it also offers optional 4G cellular backup. The drawback for Irish self monitored home security system is the equipment installation which is a bit difficult and then there is no low cost security packages though customization are available. Overall Irish is a reliable brand in the self monitored home security system with its wide range of customized home security device. However for accessing the premium level packages a subscription fee of $10/mo is chargeable which is comparatively lesser than the premium security packages of other brand.

  1. Abode – Abode digital home security system is all about a DIY system solution that will provide you a very good customization solution at a low price. It features wireless system with a cellular monitoring upgrade with home automation feature. Abode also has an environmental protection solution and the overall equipment is within the affordable range with no monthly charges. Despite having a convenient DIY option it has a limited flexibility and customization solution. Moreover the system has an upfront cost and it has a shorter return policy of 14 days. Though it is highly desirable for its low cost, it doesn’t have many promising option, but it is still very reliable solution for self monitoring home security solution. Moreover the Abode offers a professional monitoring on demand and provides overall a good service to the customer. Abode provides a wide variety of security device within a low cost and their basic systems include mini door contact, motion sensor, and gateway.

5. iSmartAlarm – iSmartAlarm is one of the brands in the self monitored digital home security solution that not just focus on quality but always give you worth more with its promising aspects of affordable easy installation rather than locking you into a long term subscription plan. iSmartAlarm features an easy DIY installation, wireless design, Wi-Fi and 3G alerts, home automation, remote control access, intrusion protection, competitive price and have the option of upgrading it to professional monitoring with medical response alert. Side by side it also lacks some option like limited updates, limited discounts and upfront cost. Like other company the security device of this product are easy to install but it offers a one year warranty on the equipment which is longer than the warranty provides by other product.

The price range of the iSmartAlarm range from $200 to up to $500 depending on the features of the device. The company offers features like email alert and emergency text that mostly highlight it as a self monitoring system. Overall it provides a quality service at a competitive cost and its basic packages include features like four contact sensor, three remote tags, three motion centers and a built in siren. This self monitored digital home security system is good for beginners and with option for expansion you will never go out of a suitable choice.



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