Avoid Break in and Infiltration with the Best Wireless Home Security Camera

digital home security solution

When you need to keep an eye on your home/apartment from anywhere the wireless security camera is the best option for your digital home security solution as with the integrated technology you can access it from anywhere with a Smartphone or a tablet. With the inclusion of lots of advanced features and cloud storage wireless security camera has become an integral part of the home security system. And with major manufacturers around this segment here is a hand pick of some of the best wireless security camera that is believed to deliver you the optimum utility you desire.

  1. ARLO Q – ARLO Q is overall one of the best in class security camera and is also top listed in Editor’s Choice. It has a video resolution/frame rate of 1080p/30fps with a topnotch video quality and the field of view is 130 degrees. It also features Night Vision detection from 25 feet and has a connectivity of 802.11b/g/n. There is a built-in microphone & speaker for the audio part and gives a free trial of 7 day’s footage free and then the subscription starts for $10 every month but does not have any local storage. The other features include flexible scheduling, excellent motion detection, and institutive user interface. ARLO Q’S X factor is its Wi-Fi security camera which provides a better integration with other security components. The only jolt that you may face with this security camera is the subscription plan as for higher tire plan the scheme goes costly and there is no facility for local storage.
  2. EZVIZ MINI O 1080P – If you are that someone who is looking to have a security camera within a best value than go for EZVIZ MINI O 1080P because it gives you a better choice from its resolution to subscription. Some of its highlighting features include 1080p video resolution, 135 degrees field view, 12 IR LEDs, 26 feet night vision, 802.11b/g/n, built-in microphone and speaker and has both cloud storage and local storage. This budget friendly camera gives you the best performance from its integration to resolution which is pretty good at it performance during both day and night. EZVIZ MINI O 1080P features a micro SD slot for which it can keep the recording in the local storage. The monthly fee of the cloud storage starts from $5.99/month for 7 days of storage and your options get limited push notification, snap shot and live camera feed if you do not avail the subscription. Moreover the camera can also be controlled using Google assistance.
  3. ARLO PRO 2 – When we talk about the best outdoor wireless security camera ARLO PRO 2 is the best because of its high end built-in 1080p/up to 30 fps resolution. It also features 130 degrees field view with 8 IR LEDs, 25 feet night vision, motion detection and an intercom function. ARLO PRO 2 can be run by battery power or plugged in and with battery power it can last for up to six month. The subscription plan of ARLO PRO 2 lets the user offers 7 days worth of footage for free and has a generous cloud subscription plan.
  4. NEST CAM INDOOR – In an integrated smart home one important aspect that we always like to stress on is the compatibility of the devices and Nest Cam Indoor has all that it takes to be effective for indoor purposes. Some of its highlighting aspects are its 1920*108o/30fps resolution with a 130 degrees field view and 8 IR LEDs 25 feet sharp night vision. For its magnetic swiveling base it can be installed and set up almost indoor anywhere. The intercom feature let it enabled with NEST Thermostat and NEST smoke detector. The subscription of NEST CAM INDOOR may bother you as you have to shell out $10 or per month to access its related program and cloud storage.
  1. RING FLOODLIGHT CAM – RING FLOODLIGHT CAM is for those who are looking to install sharp resolution security camera with floodlights that has capability to detect any kind of infiltration based on motion. Beside of having a 1080p resolution camera it has the additional features of flood light which turns on as soon as it detect any intruder within its sensor radius. Other than that it has a 140 degrees field of view and a infrared night vision efficient enough to detect slightest movement. But with a $30 yearly subscription plan to enable the cloud storage and other features may bother you to think twice before opting for a floodlight.

The evaluation of all this recommended security camera were done based on their feature, design, utility, and overall performance. The subscription plan is also kept under the evaluation to give you a clear analysis of the product. Each of these products is great within their uniqueness and we sum up this together to give you a better digital home security solution that you always look for in the market.


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