ADT the Oldest Reliable Digital Home Security System with Biggest Monitoring Network

Review of ADT Home Security System

Digital Home Security System
Review of ADT Home Security System

Overview of ADT Digital Home Security System

ADT is the largest home security brand in the U.S. known for its biggest monitoring network with the most monthly subscribers. The 140 years old brand has renovated its design and technology time and again to develop a prototype of home security technologies that could ensure safety and security to the present digital home security system. Besides ADT’s advanced technology that currently covers the security of 8 million customers has established its presence as the most trusted home security brand with a foundation that aims to develop a better smart home solution. There is 12 interconnected monitoring centre of ADT and each of them is maintained by a large team of trained staff. The price of ADT’s home security product is unparalleled. They sell a wide range of smart home product from third-party manufacturers such as General Electric, DSC and Honeywell, rather than making their own gear. 

   The loopholes and caveats of ADT lie in their services that vary widely and lacks quality. ADT follows the model of the two-tiered marketing system. In one hand it conducts national advertising and outreach, encouraging prospective customers to visit to increase the sale which is mainly done by the ADT corporate. On the other hand, it spread its business by conducting a marketing campaign through its local security dealers in the form of door to door visits and mailers to sell equipment and installation.  

  • The company’s presence in this segment for a long time with quality service makes it a trusted brand to millions of customer.
  • ADT with 12 interconnected monitoring centre and vast network of authorized dealers makes it the largest national network of a monitoring centre.
  • You will get a six-month money back warranty on each and every security device of ADT.
  • The price of ADT’s product is unparalleled which depends upon the assessment of the technician.
  • ADT charge high penalties for early termination of its only available three years contract.

Base Price:

The cost of ADT is quite intricate to compare with other competitors as it does not have any base package. The equipment cost is a sum up of the installation fee and monthly contract that you have to pay for rather than an upfront expense.

Monthly Fees:

The monthly fees of the ADT may vary depending upon whether you are taking it directly from the ADT corporate or via ADT authorized dealer. According to ADT, their monthly plan will cost you approximately $28.99 and $57.99 a month. The same monthly plan from an ADT authorized dealer will be going to cost you $36.99 and $52.99 a month.


The ADT dealers charged $99 for standard installation although the installation is not guaranteed. The cost of installation depends upon how many cameras and sensors you have installed based on which the installation fee could be much higher. The charges may also vary depending on equipment and service selected and system configuration.

Lock-in Plan:

The lock-in subscription plan of ADT is for three years. Leaving midway or early termination of the plan may require you to pay as much as 75% of the contract balance.


ADT supports both wired and wireless monitoring as it could be monitored by landline or cellular broadband depending on the specification of the system.

Equipment Warranty:

ADT provides warranty during the time of installation and covers repairs and damages of its product for 90 days. After that charge is applicable on every service visits. You can extend your limited warranty service quality plan with ADT for $7 a month. The extended warranty plan covers repairs and replacement of the security device that occurs due to the natural wear and tear excluding the batteries.

Return Policy:

The full refund policy is limited to the first six months from the date of installation and monitoring fees you’ve paid. But it won’t reimburse all your cost as a portion of the overall cost will be deducted for availing their products and services as per their terms and condition.

Home Automation:

ADT designed an application name ADT pulse that allows you to integrate your home security features with home automation devices. After you are done with the setup you can connect it with the ADT Pulse smartphone app to remotely monitor the home security devices and to manage home automation devices such as authorized Kwikset and Nest Learning Thermostat. The Pulse will cost you $53 a month.

   In some cases, the devices are not compatible with the Ring Video doorbell and therefore require a third-party app and online account to operate. But ADT is compatible with Amazon Echo though for operating some security task like arming and disarming require an ADT passcode. Moreover, ADT works well with few door locks like the Kwikset 910 series of deadbolt locks which comes with bronze, nickel, and brass furnished polishes. It also integrates well with ADT Thermostat which allows you to remotely control temperature settings and set up notification using ADT Pulse App.

Is ADT the Right Digital Home Security Solution?

The underlying goal of a home security brand is to provide all-round security and peace of mind. ADT presence as a 140 years old brand and its largest home security network creates redundancy that translates to higher reliability among its users. The free consulting service of ADT keeps it one step ahead of its competitor. ADT designed its free consulting service in which a security sales representative visits your home to help select the appropriate security device and where to place it. ADT is more of an aggregator if compared to its other competitors as it sources a security device from a large number of tech providers. The devices include a control panel, sensors, and home automation devices. 

   ADT admits that its upfront and monthly cost with competitors are very difficult to analyze because of separate combination and customization. Therefore reference to upfront cost ADT charges $99 as an installation fee which can increase to several hundred dollars or more depending on the space of your home. You can compare the price of the ADT only after an ADT sales representative visits your home and give you a price estimation depending on your proposal. It is recommended strongly by the home alarm experts that you should get three different proposals to make this comparison.

   The monthly ADT plan will cost you less than $30 a month but could be $60 or more depending on the features and the size of your system. And then for the repair service, you have to pay $7 a month. In case of an alarm system, the contract can be customized and negotiated with one exception that you need a three-year contract.


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