Add an Extra Layer of Security with Google aided Home Security System

digital home security solution

Keep your home safe with Google aided Digital Home Security System

The smart monitoring of the digital home security system has become more convenient with the Google aided home security device. Google as a medium in the digital home security segment helps you to enable and access different home security device via its platform. The Google home option helps you to monitor real-time events. You will also get features like monitoring and controlling of home automation devices. It acts as a syncing link between your digital home security system and home automation devices and helps in making your life more convenient. Google home option not only replace the control panel with the modern automated interface but also makes the digital home security system for effective, efficient and convenient for the user.

Benefits of Google aided Digital Home Security Solution

  • Home Automation – Google Home includes a lot of home automation features that are convenient for your modern living. It enables you to access features that allow you to make phone calls, interact with your security system and smart home devices. You can also play music, make a shopping list, control your TV, receive weather reports or can also surf the internet.
  • Increased Level of Security – Having Google Home adds an extra level of security. It makes the monitoring of the security device more convenient. Its smart application like voice command makes the device more effective in its performance.
  • Hands-Free Voice Control – The Google Home system has several ways to interact with it which includes hands-free voice control and a touch feature. For the touch control, you need to simply touch the top of the Google Home hub and move your finger clockwise or anticlockwise by using a long touch to start or to stop a function. You can also change the volume or give it a command without uttering the wake word.

Features of Google Home compatible Digital Home Security System: 

  1. Door Locks – With Google Home feature you can lock your door using Smartphone. The mobile phone acts as a fob or a key with which you can easily lock and unlock door hands-free. Google Home adds an additional safety feature that makes break-in and hacking of home security system even intriguing for the intruders.
  2. Mobile Alerts – Google Home gives you the option of setting custom security alerts on your mobile. This means that in the event of the break-in or other unnatural activity a notification will send to your Smartphone so you can respond accordingly.
  3. Motion Detectors – The motion detectors helps the user aware of any unnatural activity or event. It is also connected to the other home security devices and helps the user by sending two-way alerts. This also helps the monitoring personnel to take quick action.
  4. Entryway Sensors – The Google home also helps the user by sending an alert two-way notification to the user and monitoring personnel. It helps the user with the monitoring activities and makes digital home security system more effective with the entryway alerts.
  5. Voice Recognition – These devices use a biometric voice recognition that allows you to control different digital home security and home automation with your voice. The accessible option includes lights, door locks, thermostat, appliances, security system, and any other smart home voice-enabled device.
  6. Remote Access – This option has cut short the use of control panel as you can use your Smartphone to control and access to the digital home security system. Every home security company designed an app through which you can remotely access all the device related to home automation and digital home security solution.
  7. Lights – The home automation feature like controlling of lights via Smartphone make this system much more convenient for the user. The lights can be turned on/off remotely or on a time scheduled. Automatic lights will add another layer of security to your home by making sure the lights are all on prior to your arrival.


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