5 Major Reasons To Invest in a Home Security System

digital home security system

The safety and well-being of your home and family are probably among your main concerns. Therefore, it is logical that you should invest in the digital home security system. If you are new to the world of home security, digital home security system have come a long way in the last ten years. Today they do much more than simply push intruders away. They serve many purposes. In addition to having emergency services sent automatically, most systems also monitor environmental quality. That said, the digital home security system must be present in every home.

Here are five major reasons as to why you should seriously consider investing in a digital home security system today:

Protect and secure your home and family

The main reason for investing in a digital home security system is to protect your loved ones from intruders. Studies have shown that thieves are 2.7 times more likely to attack homes without any security measures. This means that the simple presence of a security system is sufficient in most cases to deter a thief from entering your home. However, this is not a sure guarantee that your home will be 100% theft-proof.

Professional monitoring

One of the biggest benefits of having a monitored digital home security system is that it provides constant monitoring even when you can’t do it yourself. Leaving the city for business or going on vacation can be stressful even with a home security alarm, but with monitoring services, there is always someone to respond to emergencies.

These services do not act as home caregivers, but they track important events and send emergency personnel when necessary. Home security systems can respond to alarms activated as a result of a house fire, a carbon monoxide leak, a significant temperature drop or rise, an intruder or a natural disaster such as a flood. Without the watchful eye of a monitoring company, the damage caused by these tragic events could be much worse than it would be otherwise.

Discount on home insurance

When buying a house, it is necessary to obtain homeowners insurance. This type of insurance is intended to provide homeowners with coverage against loss or damage to possessions or property, as well as destruction due to natural disasters. In homes that are equipped with the digital home security system, it is common for homeowners to receive a discount on their insurance plan. The amount of the discount will vary depending on the insurance company, as well as the characteristics of the home security system that is installed. In general, homeowners can expect to receive up to 10-20% discount on their insurance just by having a home security system.

Home automation

Did you forget to turn on the air conditioner before leaving home? Did you stay in the office later than expected and the lights are not in your house? Check if your alarm company offers home system monitoring. From its air conditioning/heating systems to indoor and outdoor lighting control.

Monitoring and remote access
  • Remote monitoring – For some owners, the ability to monitor their home even when they are away is one of the biggest advantages of having an alarm system in the home. This type of system allows the house alarm to be activated or deactivated remotely, to monitor the cameras, to turn off and on the lights of the home, to turn on or change the air conditioning or heating, and to control the motion detectors All these functions not only allow owners to observe intruders, but also help protect the home remotely. Turning on the lights at a specific time through remote access can help to give the illusion that someone is at home, even when they are not. Access to heating or air conditioning can help prepare the house for sudden temperature changes to avoid damage to the pipe and can also help save on electricity or gas bills. In most cases, remote access has a small fee, but it offers homeowners the opportunity to take care of their home even when they are out of town.
  • Remote access – One of the biggest advantages of having a digital home security system is that it allows you to remotely monitor your home when you are away. With technological advances, the new home security systems allow users to use the Internet to access their alarm systems. In this way, home security systems can be accessed remotely to:
      1. Arm or disarm the system
      2. Turn the lights on or off
      3. Check the thermostat or turn it off
      4. Monitor motion detectors
      5. Monitor the cameras in the house

By remotely accessing your home’s security system, you can watch out for intruders, receive notifications when motion detectors are activated, turn on lights at strategic times to make your home look busy and save on your electricity bills and energy

Final thoughts

The best way to keep your home safe is by installing the digital home security system. It will not only keep your family safe but also give all-round protection with home automation facilities. Therefore instead of wondering install a digital home security system today. 

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