4 Questions to Ask Before Buying a Doorbell Camera

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Investing in the installation of a doorbell camera has been proven beneficial cause it protects you both from intruders and animals. Recently there were several cases where homeowners reported of the snake or animal break-ins. Therefore the leading home security brand is emphasizing on installing a doorbell camera so that you can get an effective digital home security solution. Besides doorbell cameras can even help police solve neighbourhood crimes.  

Homeowners across the country are investing in these devices to protect their properties. But, like any investment, there are some factors to consider beforehand. Here are four questions to ask your security provider before buying a doorbell security camera:


  1. How to install a doorbell camera?

The doorbell cameras can be battery operated, wired or both. Battery-powered devices are easier to install and can be mounted right on or near your door. If your doorbell camera is connected to your electrical system, then you should contact a professional to ensure proper installation.

Whichever type of doorbell camera you choose, ensure that it let you connect to a secure Internet network and a mobile application to get an effective digital home security solution. Using a secure network and staying connected allows you to view recordings and manage alerts securely.


2. How does the doorbell camera operate?

Doorbell cameras can have several different components, including:

  • Controllable cameras, which sometimes include night vision.
  • Microphones and speakers that allow you to interact with who or what is at your door.
  • Motion detectors that send you a recording every time it detects activity.
  • The real bell to alert you when someone is at your door.

Doorbell cameras vary in functionality. Some devices will capture images every time someone rings the bell and others will record in real-time. Other cameras are designed to activate notifications through your phone. This allows you to see who is on the other side from the palm of your hand. Therefore choose the one that will be compatible with your uses and with the digital home security system.


3. Is the doorbell camera weather and theft-proof?

In 2018, an owner captured a video of a man stealing a package from his porch and then trying to lift the camera from the wall bell. Fortunately, the thief did not succeed. Even if you had damaged or deleted the camera, many of these devices archive recordings directly in the cloud. Users can easily log in to their application and watch any recording.

If you live in an area in bad weather, you will want to investigate the warranty and ask the manufacturer about the camera’s capabilities in extreme conditions. There are also weatherproof and tamperproof covers that you can buy. However, if you decide to buy a case, make sure it is specially designed for your device to prevent malfunctions, such as lens damage. Poorly designed cases can even alter recorded footage if it obstructs camera vision.


4. Can the doorbell camera be integrated with the digital home security system?

Home security is an evolving investment. As you add devices, make sure they synchronize well and integrate to ensure a consistent digital home security solution.

Ask for the integration. Can the doorbell camera be paired with your current digital home security system? Some doorbell cameras are synchronized with smart locks and lights that are controlled through the security application of your home. To ensure integration, contact your security provider to confirm compatibility before purchasing.


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