A New Control Panel For You

digital home security solution

The control panel is an electronic device which is used to control all the home security components like alarm, camera, and sensors. The control panel is the access point of all other security components installed in home or apartment and plays an significant role in the digital home security solution. The function of these security components is set through the control panel and can also be monitored via a Smartphone. The control panel has a built in display window through which the user can check the status of the home security components. The control panel helps the owner of the house to detect any unnatural incidents occurring within the radius of the security coverage. Many control panels has an emergency button or a panic button that helps the user to send emergency alert to the service personnel monitoring this systems. Multiple control panels can be installed by the user like doorway, bedroom hallway for convenient access. There are generally two types of control panel one that is wireless and other that runs on battery. For control panel running on battery should have an alert to indicate when running on low batteries. Moreover the control panel that you are choosing should be user friendly and should provide the highest level of security. Some of the additional features that need to be considered include Data Storage, Multiple user-codes, Emergency panic button, Email and text message alert, communication and thermostat, turn on lights by remote command or programmed schedule.

The traditional control panel was the base for the development of the advanced integrated control panel. The traditional control panels mostly have features related to alarm setting and slow arm/disarm system. Moreover the control panels were mostly run by batteries and do not have wireless features. The weakness of this technology was that it could be easily exploited by the criminal so moving on to the next stage the integrated technologies have improve the system combine with home automation and home security. With the modern technology the keypad has gone and is replaced by a small device with some flashing lights and a plug that is set to the router that controls the sensors wireless. The control and programming of the control panel is now done with an app on the Smartphone that can be used to access the home security of the house from anywhere around the world through an internet. This system is very convenient for use as the app is free and the user has to pay only for the security device. Moreover the modern control panel has the feature of cloud server which could be accessed through the app and has the benefit of storage for the surveillance recording. The only weakness of this type of control panel is that it doesn’t work if the internet is down or if there is a power outage but companies like Scout Alarm System have come up with a solution by adding a cellular back up for a monthly fee. The new design of control panel give much more options to the user which is convenient, accessible and more users friendly and advanced the digital home security solution to another level


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