3 Tips To Sign-in Better Home Security Contract

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Technological advances have been changing the shape of the home security landscape for years. Today, we see an increase in the utility of digital home security system like security cameras that not only show who is at the door, but also know who is at the door, and this facial recognition technology will not stop soon. The home security – the topic is treading the search engine, which shows peoples concern and awareness for living a better lifestyle.

While the home security – topic like digital home security system is already in its full swing, in the other parts of the world like China, the methods of ethical implementation are still largely debated, as are the basic ideas of home security in general.

This emerging technology, perhaps dystopian, lends itself to giving consumers more autonomy to control the digital home security system of their own home (while claiming that it does not sacrifice the quality of monitoring). With this, older conceptions of smart home security can begin to fade, including long contracts, as companies such as Google (Nest), Ring (Amazon) and SimpliSafe have capitalized on this demand for more fluid technology and autonomy from the user. After all, younger consumers are starting to boost the home security market, and Generation Z, which grew up with a smartphone in their hands, can’t forget the equation either.


Taking the dynamic digital home security market into consideration and as home security becomes more complex, here are three ways to better navigate your home security contracts:

Make up Your Mind – Professional or DIY

Making the right choices are important cause the significance of their effectiveness depends upon that. In your search for the best digital home security system for your lifestyle, you have probably seen that many companies, such as ADT and Protection 1, still require you to sign a contract or grant a higher premium to the most advanced products in the suite (as security cameras). This is (in part) how they earn money and protect themselves from fleeting clients, but considering the fact, it does not mean that they are not worth. Some of these companies also offer contracts that have greater consumer protections, such as offering deductible insurance reimbursement for theft or fire (such as Protection 1).

An easy way to break it down is to decide if you want a trained technician to install everything for you or mix and match equipment and brands according to your personal preferences or your budget. There is not always a clear dividing line between these factors, even some of the professional household security companies best known as Brinks offer a crossover with room for the integration of third-party smart homes and room for manoeuvre when it comes to payment options. If you don’t want to sacrifice yourself, don’t do it. Some companies offer a balanced combination between professional and hands-free monitoring and all the smartphone amenities you crave. 


Read Before Step-in

If you are prone to change your mind and do not want to be tied to rigid contracts, some professional companies may not be for you. You may worry about not being satisfied with the service within seven months; In this case, you need to know what type of rate you will receive if you decide to finish early. Our suggestion: read the fine print first.

Here are some things to look for in a home security contract to avoid feeling the blow of any “surprise” rate:

  • Terms for relocation: If you have to move or relocate during your contract, know in advance what kind of fees will apply and what exceptions for any extenuating circumstances (including death) are available to you. For example, Protection 1 offers a credit of $ 150 for expenses related to its services (with some warnings, including the stipulation that you must own the new place and live in the old residence for at least one year).


  • Early cancellation charges: If you are not satisfied with the service the second month after signing, will you have to pay the price for the remaining 34 months remaining on your contract? If this is the case, you will want to think about your situation and investigate the product before investing too much. If the wording is vague, ask questions. For example, Protection 1 says: “Upon early termination by the Customer, Protection 1 may charge the balance of the remaining term of the contract.” “May” implies some room for manoeuvre, but you really won’t know until you request it.


  • Guarantees: What does the guarantee language look like? Find out what the company will do for you in case something goes wrong. A guarantee is a fairly strong word: if a company “guarantees” the return of your money within six months if you are not satisfied with the service, that can be reassuring. (ADT is an excellent example of this type of protection).

Use the contract language to your advantage: it will be useful, especially if you notice inconsistencies with what the customer service or installation technician is telling you. Make cards, if you feel the need.


Know your Rights & Benefits

If you are prone to feel the buyer’s remorse, here is some good news: everything is not lost after sealing the deal in the pen. The “Cooling Rule” of the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) gives you the right to cancel certain sales made in your home (and other areas such as the workplace, bedroom, hotel, convention centre, among others ). Even if the equipment has already been installed, you still have the right to break the deal, provided you comply with these guidelines. A notable element of these guidelines: if the sale was made completely online, you may not be lucky.



The fact that a company requires a contract does not automatically mean that it is archaic. It could still be the right choice for your home after thorough excavation. As long as you pay attention to detail, you will be well on your way to making sure you can maximize the company’s security benefits in a way that suits your daily life.


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