2019’s Best New Security Product – HALO IoT Smart Sensor

digital home security system

There is a new type of smart sensor in the commercial security market, and it is designed to curb the bad habits of the 21st century. The HALO IoT smart sensor detects the vapour of electronic cigarettes along with several other environmental hazards and was recently named Best digital home security system at the largest trade fair in the security industry in the country.

In terms of design, The HALO IoT smart sensor looks simple as a normal smoke detector, but it features 11 built-in sensors that monitor air quality, noise, chemicals, light and environmental conditions. In addition to vaping (both products containing nicotine and THC), it can also detect smoke, shots, screams, glass breakage, carbon monoxide, natural gas, occupation, humidity, handling, pressure and more.

The device is designed to preserve privacy. It does not record video or audio, nor does it store images. That makes it the ideal digital home security system for restrooms and other remote places where occupants can seek isolation to violate the rules. According to its manufacturer, HALO is already in use in more than 100 schools across the country and is scheduled to ship to almost 500 more this month.

The HALO IoT smart sensor recently received the Best New Product of 2019 award from the Safety Industry Association (SIA), a nod to the new way the device adds an automated layer of protection against emerging health and safety risks. The awards ceremony took place at the ISC West Conference, April 9-12 in Las Vegas, NV.

The HALO IoT smart sensor is a product of IPVideo Corporation, a commercial security company that provides solutions for surveillance, access control, security training programs, threat vulnerability, risk assessments and more. As of now, HALO made devices that are only available for industrial security segment. The HALO IoT smart sensor is priced at $995.

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Source: Safety.com


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