2019 is All About Ring of Security

digital home security system

2019 has arrived, with another Consumer Electronic show so let’s take a sneak at the upcoming digital home security solution from the ring. It is always an exciting time to highlight everything that comes on Ring and all the new ways they are working to make neighbourhoods safer.

A New Dimension To The Digital Home Security Solution

The latest addition to the Ring family of video doorbells is the Door View Cam. With the Door View camera, you have the ability to transform your door viewer into an intelligent security device. It is easy to install and replace your existing peephole without causing permanent changes to your door, which makes it an excellent solution for homes, apartments, condominiums and even bedrooms with an existing peephole. It still has the traditional functionality of a door viewer, in addition to obtaining functions such as motion detection, bidirectional conversation, 1080p HD video, night vision, a removable and rechargeable battery and the ability to see who is at the door of your home from any place.

Do you want to see what is happening on your doorstep from the comfort of your kitchen? Just ask Alexa. When you are notified that movement was detected at the door of your house, simply ask Alexa-enabled devices to show you the door of your house. You can see and talk with visitors through Echo Show, Echo Spot or Alexa-enabled tablets.

The Door View Cam from Ring will be available later this year.

Brand New sensors, smart locks and voice control

The ring alarm is expanding its Digital Home Security Solution to make your home smarter and safer. Newer accessories not only protect your home from theft but also damage to property and situations that endanger life.

The new Smoke & CO Listener from Ring connects seamlessly to your Ring Alarm base station, so you will receive mobile alerts every time the existing smoke or CO detectors are activated.

The flood and freeze sensor is also connected to the Ring alarm base station. Once connected, place it near any water source to receive an alert when a flood or freezing temperatures are detected.

A smarter house needs smarter locks. You now have access control with the Ring application to lock and unlock the door remotely, view the status of the smart lock and battery level and check the history of events. Connect your Ring Alarm to Alexa-enabled devices and have Alexa close the doors. Don’t spend more time wondering if you closed the door or worrying about how to let the dog in. Hello, peace of mind.

You can link the industry-leading locks of Schlage, Yale and Kwikset to your ring alarm security kit and buy them at Ring.com. Don’t spend more time wondering if you closed the door or worrying about how to let the dog in. Hello, peace of mind.

Avail the all-new Ring Sensors at Ring.com.

Smart security has come to light

Improve security in your home with Ring’s new line of intelligent Ring lighting.

Ring Smart Lighting creates an affordable and easy-to-install network of exterior lights with motion sensors that work together to illuminate dark areas of your home. They can also be integrated with your Ringtones and Bell Cameras to start recording when movement is detected, further strengthening your Ring of Safety.

Do you already have landscape lighting? With the ring transformer and the ring bridge, you can convert non-ring lights into smart lights.

Ring Smart Lighting is compatible with Alexa-enabled devices, so you can ask Alexa to turn on the lights in your yard or alert you when motion is detected.

The Smart Lighting ring is sent on March 6.


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