Top 5 Digital Home Security System Door Locks of 2019

Best Digital Home Security Smart Door Locks for 2019

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Top five smart door locks of 2019

In the last few decades technology has have played a significant role in our living. This has led to the evolution of many new technologies and one such advancement is the digital home security system a modern concept of smarter and safer living. But what makes it more effective is the invention of the smart door lock that helps in redefining the concept of the digital home security system was the invention of the smart lock.

Best Digital Home Security Smart Door Locks for 2019

  • 2nd Gen August – Best Smart lock with Camera
  • Kwikset Kevo – Top Smartphone Door Lock
  • Yale Touchscreen Deadbolt – Supports Amazon Alexa Vocal Orders
  • SoHoMill YL 99 – Best Affordable Door Lock
  • Samsung SHS P718 – Best Smart Locks of 2019


2nd Gen August

Are you tired of an intelligent locking system that takes up too much bandwidth? Do you want a padlock whose battery can be controlled at all times?

If so, it is possible that the August 2nd Generation Smart Lock is an excellent addition to the digital home security system of your home.

The feature that led this product to be on this list is its promise of easy installation. While you rarely found most of the other blockages that fulfil this promise, the Smart Blocking of August does.

The product achieves this when running on batteries, so you do not have to worry about wiring when installing the product. Let’s face it, complex wiring is what occupies an important part of any installation process.

Another distinguishing feature of the product is its ability to send warning messages to users through an application when the smart lock battery decreases below a dangerous level. You will find this service to be the best feature of this blockade since it guarantees that you never find yourself unprepared.

Also, as the smart lock does not make any change on the external side hardware, you can also use your normal key to enter the house. Therefore, for the moments when you forget to take your phone, you can still enter your home.

In the digital home security system, most of these smart locks are on the expensive side of the spectrum, but when it comes to providing security to your home, being profitable is not always the right approach. This intelligent blockade manages to offer the required functions and much more, and that is what matters.

  • It turns your smartphone into a smart key and makes it unnecessary to remember any pin or code.
  • You can share the blocking codes with your guests or friends, but you still have the ultimate control over access and duration.
  • Since the lock is powered by batteries, it is always on, even if your house has a blackout.
  • It’s a bit expensive


Kwikset Kevo

If you have ever tried to examine the market for blockages for the home, you have probably encountered Kwikset quite frequently.

This is because it is considered renowned in the digital home security system. With its Bluetooth smart lock to play to open, it has successfully dominated the market for smart locks.

The product is equipped with the ability to open with Bluetooth and with radio frequency identification. This means that customers are offered the option to open the locks of their smartphones or use a keychain that accompanies the system.

In addition, smart locking is compatible with iOS and Android alike. This allows the intelligent lock to extend its services to the masses. You can also change the settings to allow unlocking the door when your smartphone is synchronized. Hence when you arrive, you will always be provided with an unlocked door without compromising the security of your home.

While most smart locks can only be operated from a smartphone, this product offers you the possibility to add two devices with full access. In addition, you can also provide eKeys to your guests.

It is true that Kevo has its share of defects. However, none of them leads to the compromised security of your home. At the end of the day, if a lock can make you feel safe and convenient, it’s easy to overlook minor flaws.

  • It is easy to calibrate and install.
  • It is compatible with a learning thermostat, which means that you can use it to control the power system your home. For example, the system may come into play when the door is locked.
  • The product comes with a physical key for those members of your household who are not particularly tech-savvy.
  • The performance of the product is excellent and it is known that it lasts a long time.
  • The customer service is excellent and responds to complaints easily.
  • The smart lock is quite expensive.
  • The quality of the LED lights included must be improved.
  • The flashing red light means the batteries are running the product is a source of annoyance.


Yale touch screen security latch

How would it be great if you could control the locks of your house by just giving vocal commands? This is what the Deadbolt touchscreen provides its customers with.

I discovered that the fact that the lock was compatible with Amazon Alexa was a homework  

Do you want your house to light up on its own when you enter it? Would you love a cup of hot coffee as soon as you set foot in your sanctuary? Well, the Yale touch screen bolt manages to do all these tasks together with many others. All you need to do is configure the settings and your life will be easier than before.

One of the most beneficial features for me is the fact that it can store more than 250 pins in the locking system. Even if you forget the pin of your lock, you can put another backup code, and even a backup on the backup if that makes any sense.

When it comes to compatibility, smart locking can be used with a variety of digital home security systems. Further, the block is compatible with the independent Z-Wave and ZigBee networks. 

Again, this product is not for those who are looking for a smart door locks within economical range. However, when considering the wide variety of features offered by this smart lock, you are forced to admit that the product cost is reasonable.

  • The Deadbolt on the Yale touchscreen does not use the bandwidth to connect to phones, tablets or PCs.
  • Even if you do not have Internet access, you can use the traditional key to open the door.
  • The privacy mode of the lock is perfect to block people when you need some time alone. All you need to do is say the magic words, and the system takes care of the rest.
  • The system configuration of the product is marked easily due to the inclusion of a programming procedure guided by voice instructions.
  • The product is expensive.


SoHoMiLL YL 99

I think it is necessary to provide an intelligent blockade to those who value affordability, and it is possible that there is no better product than this due to its ability to offer several advantages to users.

The lock allows you to set a total of up to 10 codes to unlock the door, one of which is the master code. This master code has control over all other passwords and can be used to change them.

The fact that it does not offer Bluetooth connectivity can be a deterrent to some. However, you should see the blockade as an improved version of a traditional blockade.

Some locks in the digital home security system are made only for doors with hinges on the left, while others only work with hinged doors on the right. These locks are hard to buy because it is just another thing that we, as consumers, must keep in mind. 

I think this product has a lot of flaws, but when you think about how cheap the product cost is, some of the drawbacks of the lock seem justifiable. The product manages to deliver the necessary basic functions and, therefore, it is an option that must be considered.

  • The biggest benefit of the SoHoMiLL keyless lock is its simplicity. It is not necessary to synchronize it with various devices. Instead, all you need to do is remember some codes and you’re ready to start.
  • The quality of the product is exemplary. Since it is made of rugged metal, you do not need to worry about durability.
  • The lock is very affordable.
  • The low battery warning incorporated in the product is convenient as it keeps you informed about when battery could die product.
  • The lock is immensely easy to set up and can be installed without professional help.
  • The locks tend to accumulate easily when exposed to moisture.
  • You can only store a very limited number of codes.
  • It is not as high technology as you would like it to be.


Samsung SHS P718

When you listen to Samsung, you imagine that the product is of high quality and a leader in technology. After all, Samsung was one of the first to jump on the bandwagon of turning the devices around us into the smart system. I discovered that this digital door lock succeeded in defending Samsung’s legacy.

The feature that attracted me to this specific lock, rather than any other similar product in Samsung’s portfolio, is the fact that the SHS-P718 offers the ability to link with Samsung Smart Home systems. This means that you integrate the lock on your door with other digital home security systems such as security sensors and video cameras. 

The digital lock also makes an attempt to provide comfort by understanding that some people tend to remember a pin with given numbers. For example, you can only remember the pins that have five digits. But this block can have a pin with a minimum of four digits and a maximum of twelve digits.

However, one of the key features of this product is also one that makes its use selective for a certain type of door. The design of the intelligent lock is such that it can only work with handles instead of doors that have a knob. Therefore, if your controllers have commands, you may want to change them to the drivers if you think the product is worth it.

The product is too expensive. The fingerprint function is exemplary and is compatible with the function of Samsung home security. It is equally impressive, but there are several blocks that could provide some of these functions at a low cost.

  • It offers the option of giving access to many people without compromising security and its role as controller.
  • The touch screen is excellent and gives the product a digitalized environment.
  • The lock can fit over the door handles, so you do not need to make any changes to the hardware of your door.
  • It is very expensive.
  • You can not use it for doors with knobs. 


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